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Welcome to the Assure-U Private Medical Insurance Comparison site, designed to give you a clear insight into the benefits of private healthcare and help you choose the right policy for you.

Please use the quote Comparison site to compare benefits and premiums from the leading insurance companies in the UK and Internationally. You can do your own research, apply online or simply call us for a chat about your needs.


People take out private medical insurance to help avoid long waiting times on the NHS and to access private consultations, diagnosis or treatment just when they need it most. There are hundreds of private hospitals in the UK and specialist private wings in NHS Trust hospitals. Most private hospitals provide everything from free parking to private en-suite rooms with high levels of cleanliness, comfort and quality, designed to aid your recovery.

In addition to full medical insurance plans there are Cash Plans, Dental Plans and Supplementary Plans designed to pay for, in part or in whole, some of the expenses surrounding healthcare. Choosing the right private medical insurance plan, from hundreds available, can be quite complicated. Please use the Comparison site to research the products and benefits available. Or simply Call Us.

Private Medical Insurance for business or groups, is aimed at SME’s (Small, Medium Enterprises) typically from 2 members who may need cover, up to 250 members. Corporate plans are for larger organisations although the types of benefits available are appropriate to all businesses.

Many organisations want to provide private medical insurance to staff members as a valuable benefit and as a key to improved productivity and reduced absence from work. Medical insurance plans can be tailored to meet the needs of the business from a cost perspective, but also provide effective cover for varying levels within the organisation.

Everything from Cash Plans, Enterprise Assistance Programmes and all levels of Private Medical Insurance, from Budget to Comprehensive are available from all health insurers in the UK and Internationally. Private Medical Insurance is a valuable benefit and can be seen as a key factor when recruiting or retaining staff members. Please Contact Us for a quote or simply call us for a chat about your needs.

At Assure U we understand the needs of company staff or individuals travelling to various regions throughout the world. Medical treatment abroad can be very expensive. Whether it’s the Americas, Australasia, Europe, the Far East or the Middle East we can access the right plans from all the insurance companies based in the UK.

It’s important that ex pats receive the right level of benefits to cover the cost of even a visit to a medical practitioner (our GP) or cover the cost of diagnosis or treatment in a quality environment.

Assure U provides an Introduction Programme to Insurance Brokers and IFAs who do not wish to sell private medical insurance.

We have a long tradition of providing this service to hundreds of our partners which gives a valuable added income stream whilst protecting the broker/client relationship. Please take a look at the Introducer Programme for details of the financials and also the Registration.

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